Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

Super Sweeps

Unit functions independently from the towing vehicle (Cabin operated remote control) and is driven by an on board power pack. (Kubota D1105  18.7HP Diesel engine)


Broom is activated via a remote control from the cabin of the towing vehicle.


Gross weight of 1220kg enabling unit to be towed behind a Ute or 4x4.


The BROOM CORE is 700mm in diameter and is 1.8 metres wide.


BROOM CORE assembly side shifts 300mm either side of centre to enable core to sweep stone from shoulder without repositioning tow vehicle, keeping wheels clear of curb.


The smaller “Hobbit” Super Sweep Hydraulically Operated Road Broom

Larger “Super Sweep” Power Broom is powered by 30 H.P. 4 Cylinder Kubota engine, has variable broom core speeds from zero to 150 R.P.M.


Broom Core diameter of 900mm x 2 metres wide.


Broom core assembly “side shifts” 450mm either side of centre and slews up to 26 degrees in either direction.


Designed for larger open road work.