Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

12,600 Litre Chassis Mounted Water Tank

Auxiliary Engine


Engine: Kubota OC95

Power: 9.5 HP @ 3600 rpm rear

Torque: 21 Nm @ 2200-2400 rpm




Truck Full Weight: 22,500 Kgs (VIC. Max legal)

Mitsubishi Fighter 14 Bogie Drive 9 Speed


Tank & Valves


Water Tank: Steel with internal baffles and epoxy lining

Water Tank Capacity: 12,600 litres

Valve Solenoids: Air operated (Festo)



 2400mm x 75mm pressure bar for wide water coverage

 2400mm wide gravity bar

 20mm hose and reel for hand and utility use

 High-flow, self-priming 1450 l/min pump

 2 x 5 metre suction hoses with foot valve - making

 it suitable for high-lift applications

 1 x maximum 1350 l/min rear frog

 2 x maximum 600 l/min rear frogs

 2 x maximum 600 l/min front frogs

 Corrosion resistant, zinc-plated piping

 Easy-to-use key-start 9.5 Hp diesel auxiliary engine

 with hour meter

 Designed and built for maximum safety and reliability

 Water level sight gauge

 Remote in-cabin controls

Fabricated by Hardiman Bros. Engineering


Electrical Services by Tracklife

Neil - Phone: 0418 356 375