Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

Hardiman Bros.

Engineering Pty Ltd

7,000 Litre Chassis Mounted Water Tank

Auxiliary Engine


Engine: Kubota AC60

Engine Capacity: 5.6kW @ 3600 rpm (max)

Power: Torque: 13.5 Nm @ 2200 - 2600 rpm (max)

Air Cleaner: Donaldson


Water Pump


Size: 3 x 3 inches

Capacity: 1000 litres per minute

Maximum Head: 42.7 metres (max)




Truck Full Weight: 12,700 Kgs (VIC. Max legal)

Truck empty weight: 5500 Kgs

Mitsubishi Fighter 8


Tank & Valves


Water Tank: UV stabilised, polyethylene

Water Tank Capacity: 7,000 litres

Valve Solenoids: Electric over air operated



 2400mm x 75mm pressure bar for wide water coverage

 Lightweight, translucent and rust free 7000 litre polyethylene tank (also available in steel)

 2400mm wide gravity bar

 Directional front and rear frog bars

 20mm hose and reel for hand and utility use

 High-flow, self-priming 1000 l/min pump

 Corrosion resistant, fully electroplated piping

 2 x 5 metre suction hoses with foot valve - making it suitable for high-lift applications

 Easy-to-use key-start 5.5 Hp diesel auxiliary engine with hour meter

 Designed and built for maximum safety and reliability

Fabricated by Hardiman Bros. Engineering


Electrical Services by Tracklife

Neil - Phone: 0418 356 375